Nome Costo Vendita Descrizione
Barrier 2500 Decreses magic damage by 1/3
Elixir 10000 Restores HP/MP
Ether 800 400 Restores 10 MP
Full Ether 6000 3000 Restores 60 MP
Full Tonic 700 350 Restores 500 HP
Heal 10 5 Restores Status
Hyper Ether 10000 5000 Restores MP
Lapis 250 Restores 200 HP to Entire Party
Magic Tab 5 Magic +1
Mega Elixir 25000 Restores HP/MP for Entire Party
Mid Ether 2000 1000 Restores 30 MP
Mid Tonic 100 50 Restores 200 HP
Power Meal An Elixir exclusively for Robo
Power Tab 5 Power +1
Revive 20 10 Revives a Party Member
Shelter 150 75 Restores HP/MP at Save Points
Shield 2500 Cuts physical attacks by 1/3
Speed Tab 5 Speed +1
Tonic 10 5 Restores 50 HP



Crono Katanas
Nome Power Abilità
Aeon Blade 70
Alloy Blade 110
Bolt Sword 25
Demon Edge 90 1.5x damage to magic enemies
Flint Edge 40
Iron Blade 7
Kali Blade 150 20% critical attack rate
Lode Sword 20
Mop 1
Rainbow 220 70% critical attack rate
Red Katana 30
Shiva Edge 170 4x attack at critical. 7% critical attack rate
Slasher 43
Slasher 2 155
Star Sword 125
Steel Saber 15
Swallow 145 Speed +3
Vedic Blade 135
Wood Sword 3
Marle Crossbows
Nome Power Abilità
Bronze Bow 3
Comet Arrow 80
Dream Bow 60
Iron Bow 15
Lode Bow 20
Robin Bow 25
Sage Bow 40
Siren 140 Randomly casts “Stop”. 40% critical attack rate
Sonic Arrow 100 Randomly casts “Slow”
Valkerye 180 40% critical attack rate
Lucca Guns
Nome Power Abilità
Air Gun 5
Auto Gun 15
Dart Gun 7
Dream Gun 60
Mega Blast 80
Plasma Gun 25 Randomly casts “Stop” on mechanical enemies
Ruby Gun 40
Shock Wave 110 Randomly casts “Chaos” spell
Wonder Shot 250 Damage is either 1/10, 1/2, normal, x2, or x3 of the expected damage. 40% critical attack rate
Robo Arms
Nome Power Abilità
Big Hand 105
Crisis Arm 1 Power changes according to the last digit of Robo’s HP. 5% critical attack rate
Doom Finger 50
Giga Arm 135
Hammer Arm 25
Kaiser Arm 120
Magma Hand 70
Megaton Arm 90
Mirage Hand 30
Stone Arm 40
Terra Arm 150
Tin Arm 20
Frog Broadswords
Nome Power Abilità
Brave Sword 135 Double damage to magic enemies
Bronze Edge 6
Demon Hit 120 Double damage to magic enemies
Flash Blade 90
Iron Blade 10
Masamune (i) 75
Masamune (ii) 200 2x attack on magic enemies
Pearl Edge 105 1.5x attack on magic enemies
Rune Blade 120 Magic +4
Magus Scythes
Nome Power Abilità
Dark Scythe 120
Doom Sickle 160 Power changes when ally falls
Hurricane 135
Star Scythe 150
Ayla Fists
Nome Power Abilità
Bronze Fist 96 9999 damage at critical. 10% critical attack rate
Fist 1
Fist 24 25% critical attack rate
Fist 48 30% critical attack rate
Iron Fist 73 Randomly casts Chaos spell, 35% critical attack rate



Nome Def Personaggi Effetto
Aeon Suit 75
Black Mail 70 Absorbs shadow attacks
Black Vest 45 Absorbs 50% of shadow attacks
Blue Mail 70 Absorbs water attacks
Blue Vest 45 Absorbs 50% of water attacks
Bronze Mail 16
Dark Mail 45 Magic defense +5
Flash Mail 64
Gloom Cape 84
Gold Suit 39
Hide Tunic 5
Iron Suit 25
Karate Gi 10
Lode Vest 71
Lumin Robe 63 Magic Defense +5
Maiden Suit 18
Meso Mail 52
Mist Robe 54
Moon Armor 85 Magic Defense +10
Nova Armor 82 Protects from Status changes
Prism Dress 99 Cuts magic damage by 1/3
Raven Armor 76
Red Mail 70 Absorbs fire attacks
Red Vest 45 Absorbs 50% of fire attacks
Ruby Armor 78 Reduces fire damage by 80%
Ruby Vest 45 Reduces fire damage by 50%
Taban Suit 79
Taban Vest 33 Speed +3, and Fire defense increase
Titan Vest 32
White Mail 70 Absorbs lightning attacks
White Vest 45 Absorbs 50% of lightning attacks
Zodiac Cape 80 Magic Defense +10



Nome Def Personaggi Effetto
Aeon Helmet 33
Beret 17
Bronze Helmet 8
Cera Topper 23
Dark Helmet 35 Cuts Shadow damage by 50%
Doom Helmet 29
Gloom Helmet 42 Protects against status, Speed +1
Glow Helmet 25
Gold Helmet 18
Haste Helmet 35 Time bar is 2x faster
Hide Cap 3
Iron Helmet 14
Lode Helmet 29
Memory Cap 30 Prevents lock spell
Mermaid Cap 35 Decreases water damage by 50%
Ozzie Pants 45 Auto Chaos on wearer, magic def. down
Prism Helmet 40 Magic defense +9, Protects status
Rainbow Helmet 35 Decreases Lightning damage by 50%
Safe Helmet 38 Decreases physical damage by 1/3
Sight Cap 30 Prevents Chaos spell
Taban Helmet 24 Magic defense +10
Time Hat 30 Prevents stop and slow spells
Vigil Hat 36 Protects against status



Nome Personaggi Abilità
Amulet Protects Status
Bandana Speed +1
Berserker Attack every turn, Def and Str up
Black Rock Receive Triple Tech – Dark Eternal
Blue Rock Receive Triple Tech – Omega Flare
Charm Top Charm Up
Dash Ring Speed +3
Defender Vigor +2
Flea Vest Magic defense +12
Frenzy Band 80% counter attack rate
Gold Erng HP up 50%
Gold Rock Receive Triple Tech – Grand Dream
Gold Stud Uses 1/4 MP for spells
Green Dream 1 reanimation
Hero Medal Increases critical hit rate with Masamune
Hit Ring Strike +2
Magic Ring Magic +6
Magic Seal Magic +5/Magic Defense +5
Magic Scarf Magic +2
Muscle Ring Vigor +6
Power Ring Power +6
Power Seal Power plus/Stamina plus
Power Scarf Power +4
Prism Specs Attack Power maximised
Rage Band I/5 chance of Counter Attack
Ribbon Strike +2
Sight Scope Enemies HP/MP shown
Silver Erng Hit Points (HP) up 50%
Silver Rock Receive Triple Tech – Spin Strike
Silver Stud Only uses 50% of the normal MP for spells
Speed Belt Speed +2
Sun Shades Increases attack power
Third Eye Doubles evade
Wall Ring Increases Magic defense by 10
Wallet Converts EXP into GP
White Rock Receive Triple Tech – Poyozo Dance


Oggetti chiave

Nome Descrizione
Bike Key Needed to ride the jet-powered bike
Chrono Trigger Needed to bring Crono back to life
Clone Doll received in Leene Square
Dreamstone Needed to get Masamune
Fang Use in Ioka Hut
Feather Use in Ioka Hut
Gate Key Activates Time Gate and Tunnel
Horn Use in Ioka Hut
Jerky Use in Porre and Zenan Bridge
Moon Stone Use to store the Suns energy
Pendant Open all the Sealed Doors and Chests
Petal Use in Ioka Hut
Prism Shard Proof for King Guardia
Race Log Saves the Bike Race Scores
Ruby Knife Use to destroy the Mammon Machine
Seed Can grow food in the future
Sun Stone Create rare items using Sun Rays
Tomas Pop Use on Tomas Grave
Tools Use in Choras
Yakra Key Use to free the Chancellor

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